Hi, my name is Lauritta. I'm happy you're here.

I am a Commercial and Portrait photographer from Moscow, Russia based in Southern California.

It is incredibly important for me to see and feel the beauty even in the smallest things around me, otherwise, my life starts becoming ordinary and gray. In photography, I want to create an atmosphere of freedom and emphasize the uniqueness of each personality that enters the view of my lens.

Whether we are talking about commercial photography or portraiture, I approach each project with extreme care and professionalism, starting from communication with a client, finishing with the delivery of the final images. My clients come to me for my creative vision but always leave with so much more than that.

I am known for my unique creative vision, which allows me to create photographs that speak to my audience.

Helping others find and rediscover themselves through photography is simply my calling and there is nothing else I'd rather do.